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People around the world want to move to Costa Rica for the natural beauty, stable democracy, high quality of life, and peaceful and friendly residents.

Find out what the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica is all about in one of the best places to live.

Portasol Living offers you the opportunity to share this experience. Whether you are looking to buy a vacation home or move here permanently, we’ve got you covered with unique Costa Rica properties for sale. Buy a custom-designed house or a property lot ready to build.

Owning property in Costa Rica is easy due to straightforward laws that allow anyone, even a non-resident, to purchase real estate in the country.

Come for a week on a relaxing vacation in one of our exceptional Costa Rica vacation rentals and explore our extraordinary and affordable properties for sale in Portasol Living.[/vc_column_text]

Properties for sale

Our Costa Rica sustainable real estate development is located in a small rainforest river valley on the Pacific Coast, just off the Costanera Highway (CR-34) by Matapalo Beach.

The Portalón River borders one side of our 540 hectares (1,335 acres) of pure rainforest.

Spacious properties for sale at Portasol Living range from 5,000 m2 (1.25 acres) to 43,000 m2 (+10 acres) on forested mountain terrain with elevations from 90 meters (300 ft) above sea level to 700 meters (+2,300 ft).

Some properties are tucked in the jungle, some border the river and streams; others have long coastline views of the Pacific Ocean, while others look toward the valley.

Lot prices start at USD $46,200.

All lots are ready to build and have basic utility services to the property line.

Satellite TV and internet service are available.

Well-maintained gravel roads and drainage throughout the development allow you to easily move about in a 4×4 vehicle.

Beautiful green spaces, rivers and streams, waterfalls, hiking trails, communal parks, and a private nature reserve are all part of Portasol Living.

Find out the easy steps to buy Costa Rica properties at Portasol Living, and start your life in paradise.

Property Management

If you plan to be an offsite home or property owner, Portasol offers property management services, including: general maintenance, landscaping, cleaning services, and bill payment.

If you would like to use your home as a vacation rental, we can handle the marketing, reservations and management for you.


Sustainable development and environmental conservation are very important at Portasol Living.

We protect 82% of our land as green space, and we set aside 200 acres of virgin rainforest for a private nature reserve.

Community areas of parks, hiking and mountain biking trails, and lookouts comprise 5% of our development.

Property owners at Portasol Living agree to share in our commitment to the environment.

Community regulations state that 15% of each property lot may be used for construction and the remaining space is to be preserved naturally.

Other homeowner’s association rules govern water management, garbage collection and recycling, sewage treatment, noise control, and other essential elements that ensure the quality of life for all residents and the protection of natural resources.

Portasol Living is a safe gated residential community with 24/7 security allowing access only to residents and guests.


We help make dreams possible.

Portasol offers attractive financing options for new land purchases and home construction.

Contact us today at to find out about our affordable down payments and owner-financed mortgages.

Design and Construction

Our experienced professional team at Portasol can help you with both design and construction of your new home.

We will connect you with architects who specialize in designing eco-friendly residences that meet our community’s building regulations.

We also can recommend trusted building contractors, and if you wish, manage the construction of your home so it is turnkey and your concern is minimal.

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